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Wanted: Google Click-to-Call Bookmarklet

I just tried out this click-to-call feature on Google today. It’s really neat, you click the “call” link next to a phone number, type in your phone number and the next thing you know, your phone rings and Google connects you to the number. Try it out for yourself by calling a local business from Google Maps.

So I was thinking, if someone could build this feature into a bookmarklet it would solve the following problems:

  1. No more reading a number off of a screen and manually typing it into your tiny keypad.
  2. No more unlocking your phone to make a call.
  3. Impress your friends!
  4. If your “2″ and “7″ keys are broken, you can still dial out. (This problem affects me personally :-( )

The way I envision the bookmarklet working is that you see a phone number on a webpage, highlight the number with your mouse, click the bookmarklet and you’re instantly connected!

I took a stab at making such a bookmarklet just now. However I’m not sure how to fill out the “ticket” and “hmac” parameters. If anyone is an excellent Google hacker you should do it. Here’s that code:

  void 0;

Here is the actual bookmarklet although it doesn’t work as is, and you’d need to put your own phone number into the code:
Call Number Bookmarklet
Were this an actual useful bookmarklet you’d drag it onto your toolbar OR right click and add bookmark to get it.

By the way, I found this bookmarklet builder website to be useful in this process.

Also keep in mind that it’s probably against Google’s terms of service (and various international treaties :-) ) to create/use a bookmarklet like this. But it would be cool nonetheless. |  Digg |  FURL |  Yahoo! My Web 2.0 |  Reddit

3 Responses to “Wanted: Google Click-to-Call Bookmarklet”

  1. Jon Says:

    hmac and ticket are hashes associated with the specific business phone number. They are passed in as part of the business listing search results and are hardcoded into the vpage iframe together with the phone number. They are generated server-side for each business phone number and must correspond with the number when passed to the ‘call’ url.

    Take home message: a bookmarklet must be created for each business listing.

  2. Greg - CEO/Founder Says:

    Thanks for the information, Jon. That does make a bookmarklet sound more complicated. I guess there’s no way for javascript to request those hashes from Google?

  3. Jon Says:

    Run the following bookmarklet after the Google Maps loads. Try Click-to-Call. Right before it actually dials, the browser will give you the URL for your bookmarking pleasure. There might be a time-to-live on the hashes. I haven’t experimented with it long enough.,b,c,d,e){var g=”/maps/call”,h=”from=”+a+”&to=”+b+(c?”&redirect_url=”+escape(c):(d?”&ticket=”+d:”"))+”&hmac=”+e+(this.p?”&save_phone_cookie=1″:”");prompt(”Bookmarklet URL”,””+g+”?”+h);this.x(g,h)};void(0);

    Also, don’t forget this URL:

    Use the call_id that is returned from the xml that is returned from the ‘call’ URL.