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Super Ajax Contacts Manager - Product Idea

As you know, Blended Technologies is a new company (of one) looking for its niche. Here’s a potential product I’m thinking of and I wanted to put it out there so my 2-3 :-( regular readers could give me some feedback.

I’m thinking of making a really high quality web based contact manager. It’s selling points would be really slick ajaxian workings (minimal page reloads), and it would be extremely flexible as I would offer many import and export options such as XML, RSS, Excel, Text, and maybe even sync to mobile device? I’d also add lots of nicities like birthday reminders and SMS messaging.

[ideally there’d be an awsome mock up image of it right here to get you excited]

Do you readers think there would be a demand for this? Any ideas on pricing?

Any feedback is much appriciated.

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5 Responses to “Super Ajax Contacts Manager - Product Idea”

  1. jobi Says:

    sounds good…a central place to store all email, im, rss, favorites, tags, images, podcasts, websites, movies, reddits, diggs, slashdots etc would come in handy. however, i do not wish to pay for such a thing. you must offer it for free initially and then pitch it to advertisers using your high number of registered users, site traffic etc. :)


  2. Administrator Says:


    I’m thinking just about contact management ie what you store in outlook in contacts but much better. So I’m not sure how you’d store your diggs there. But if you can relate diggs to contact management then by all means let me know. Or if your thinking of a differen’t product kind of like bloglines, I’d certainly be interested in that too.


  3. jobi Says:

    i was just expanding on your original idea to include common things/tasks that one does online…i guess you’d need some kind of portable reputation you could tie everything together with…

  4. Dave Says:


    Take a look at they’re doing some interesting things, but many features are missing.


  5. Greg - CEO/Founder Says:


    Airset looks quite interesting. I almost signed up but it looked like to much work to get started. I’m discovering that I’m not always an early adaptor :-(

    Maybe I’ll try it out later. Do you use it? Care to share your thoughts?